16″ EZ Liner™ PVC Interlocking Liner Panel – Ultra White

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EZ Liner™ PVC interlocking liner panel is also available in 18” widths. Custom lengths up to 20’. This product ships from several distribution facilities nationwide = savings on freight costs and getting your order delivered faster.

duralight custom quoteDo you need additional wall storage space? EZ Liner™ easily integrates with EZ Slatwall PVC Interlocking Liner Panels for easy access to tools, sports equipment, and cleaning supplies.

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Product Info

Product Description

Wherever you need a wall or ceiling panel that is abuse resistant and offers easy maintenance, EZ Liner™ PVC interlocking liner panel is the answer. Designed to meet the needs of demanding applications, EZ Liner™ panels meet all FDA (USA) and CFIA (Canada) requirements for indoor applications.

The panel’s corrosion resistant surface is highly durable and resistant to moisture, mildew, mold, and most chemicals. Lightweight and easy to work with, EZ Liner™ PVC plastic panels require no special training or tools to install.

The EZ Liner™ panel is designed to interlock along one edge and mechanically fasten with screws to an existing wall, strapping, or roof structure through a pre-slotted nailing flange along the other side. This interlocking system makes quick work of vertical and horizontal installations.

In applications such as vehicle washes or truck washes, EZ Liner™ panels white finish will brighten the building’s interior and optimize the effects of artificial lighting. Since the EZ Liner™ never needs to be painted, maintenance costs are reduced considerably. This highly durable product will hold up to years of abuse in wet environments like these.

Build an efficient and quality indoor grow room or cannabis facility with EZ Liner™ ceiling and wall system. The panels white surface bounces light back to plants from a wide range of angles, producing bigger yields without increasing energy consumption. These interlocking panels are designed to clad indoor wall and ceiling surfaces of any type of building.

EZ Liner™ panels are ideal for commercial, agricultural, industrial, and residential applications including warehouses, kennels, stables, milking parlors, marinas, public restrooms, restaurant kitchens, vehicle washes, cannabis facilities, garages, and workshops.

Product DetailsEZ Liner™ PVC Panels

  • Color: Ultra White
  • Panel Width: 16”
  • Panel Length: 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′ & 20′ (Custom Lengths – Up to 20′)
    • For pricing on custom lengths, please fill out and submit our online custom quote form.
  • Panel Thickness: 3/8″
  • Panel Weight: 0.88 Lbs/Lf
  • Fire Rating: Class A
  • Hygienic Rating: Meets FDA & CFIA
  • Warranty: Limited 20-Year

Key Product Features

  • Smooth, Easy-to-Clean Finish
  • Hidden Fasteners, Pre-Punched Nailing Flange
  • All Weather Interlocking System
  • Quick & Easy Installation – Full Line of Trims
  • Easy Maintenance – Simply Power Wash
  • Resistant to Moisture & Most Chemicals
  • Extruded w/100% Exterior Grade Virgin PVC
  • Class A Fire & Smoke Finish

EZ Liner™ PVC PanelsEZ Liner™ PVC PanelsEZ Liner™ PVC PanelsApplications

EZ Liner™ is ideal for both wall and ceiling applications including:

  • Car / Truck Washes
  • Farm / Agriculture Buildings
  • Restaurant Kitchens
  • Garages / Workshops
  • Equipment Wash Bays
  • Public Restroom Facilities
  • Indoor Grow Rooms
  • Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

Technical Information

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