Commercial-Grade Acrylic Sheets

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Due to unusually high demand for these plastic sheet products, lead times and material availability may vary.”

Product Description

Transparent acrylic sheets (plexiglass) are strong, durable, and clear as glass. Clear acrylic sheets are an ideal alterative for any project that typically uses glass. Commercial-grade acrylic sheets are extremely impact resistant and will not break like glass. Definitely a safer alternative! A very versatile plastic material, acrylic sheets can be glued, drilled, routed, polished, and laser-cut into almost any shape.

  • Great Impact Strength
  • High Light Transmission
  • 10-Times Stronger than Glass
  • Half the Weight of Glass
  • Easy to Fabricate & Form
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

Commercial-Grade Acrylic SheetsProduct Details

  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 0.220 in.
  • Weight (sqft.): 1.33 lbs.
  • Length & Width:
    • Stock sizes listed above

Acrylic sheets are an ideal replacement for windshieldsAcrylic sheets for security window replacementAcrylic sheets for golf cart window replacementApplications

  • Protective Fencing
  • Utility Vehicle Windshields
  • Storm Windows
  • Fish Tanks/Terrariums
  • Collector Display Cases
  • Safety Guard Rails
  • Security Door Inserts

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