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Multiwall and corrugated polycarbonate panels are ideal greenhouse coverings for a variety of greenhouse structures. Panels are available in many sizes and colors to meet specific design requirements. Polycarbonate greenhouse panels will live up to your expectations season after season.

The cellular structure of the multiwall polycarbonate greenhouse panel traps air between the sheet’s walls and offers excellent thermal insulation, providing winter warmth and summer coolness. Greenhouse plastic panels are available in many thicknesses including twin wall, triple wall, and 5x-wall.

Highly flexible, corrugated greenhouse panels can easily be bent to create an arch-shaped greenhouse. Corrugated polycarbonate is a more cost-effective greenhouse covering, but the single wall construction offers less heat retention.

Greenhouse polycarbonate sheets feature an anti-condensate coating that carries excessive moisture away and prevents water droplets from forming. This is a valuable when it comes to greenhouse roof panels because it helps prevent damage and disease as well as improves light levels for growing plants indoors.

Polycarbonate greenhouse sheets are durable yet light in weight, making them easy to cut and install. No special tools required! These high-performance plastic sheets can be cold formed on-site. For a finished look, cap off and join multiwall panels with a full line of polycarbonate profiles.

Technically advanced products that promise to not only protect your plants but also your bottom line. Protect your plants and grow your investment with greenhouse polycarbonate sheets!

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