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Grow Rooms

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If you’re building a cannabis grow space and need a wall or ceiling covering that is extremely durable and will hold up for years, we have your indoor grow space covered!

Like most plants, cannabis plants use light to make energy. Light powers bud growth. Our PVC liner panels bright white surface will help refl­ect light back to your plants. By re­flecting light back to the plants, they will be able to use more of the artificial light produced by your indoor grow lights. Your cannabis plants will grow faster and produce bigger yields. More usable light without increased electric energy consumption.

Our grow room wall coverings are easy-to-clean, abuse resistant, and low maintenance. Since our grow room wall panels never need to be painted ‘white’, maintenance costs are reduced considerably. PVC wall and ceiling panels for indoor grow chambers are virtually maintenance free – just wipe or wash clean!

Cost effective to other construction methods, our PVC grow room wall coverings can be installed either vertically or horizontally. These high-performance PVC panels are light in weight, easy to work with, and require no special training or tools to install. PVC liner panels are safe to work with using normal construction practices and the waste material is recyclable.

Choosing the right wall and ceiling covering is important. Invest your money wisely. Build an efficient and quality cannabis grow room or cultivation room with PVC corrugated or interlocking wall and ceiling panels.

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Grow Rooms

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