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ChamClad Cladding – Best Install Practices

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  1. All trim bases must be installed on solid backing, fastened every 8-12″ – 8″ in high heat or with high U.V. exposure and firmly fasten trims against the backing to prevent movement in trims.
  2. All 2pc trims must have equal length base and top to support the trim top and ensure full length engagement. Install all 2pc trims tops using a non marking rubber mallet or by hand pressing.
  3. To prevent downward gravity migration in vertical trims, silicon trim caps at the top and bottom and support until cured. Fasten 1 nail at top of trim base through PVC fin and through nail slots for the remainder.
  4. For optimal performance, ChamClad® panels are designed to be installed on a rainscreen system and must be installed loosely to allow for movement.
  5. Cut panels with a carbide tip aluminum blade – or equivalent (cut panels slowly to avoid chipping).
  6. Fasten all panels 16-24″ O.C. starting within 4″ from both ends of panel. Pin panel at center of nailing fin (not in slots) to equalize thermal expansion/contraction. In areas of high heat, wind or U.V. exposure, fasten panels every 16″ and use aluminum trims.
  7. Place fastener in middle of nail slot. If strapping does not line up between two nail slots, rip the web between the nail slots to allow for proper fastening and movement of the panels.
  8. Do not butt join panels. Use ChamClad® H-Trim to connect panels.
  9. ChamClad® does not recommend installing products at -20°C (-4°F) or colder. For panels over 20′ or colder climate installs, use large face trims (3.5″ Finish Trim, 2.75″ H-Trim & 2.5″ Outside Corner). See chart below.
  10. It is imperative that ChamClad® panels are cut to fit the coverage of trim pieces. The temperature the day of installation factors into the expansion and contraction gap you leave. If installing on a cooler day allow for more expansion and a larger gap; if installing on a warmer day allow for less expansion and a smaller gap. See chart below.
  11. It is recommended to use ChamClad® universal screw available at ChamClad® and your local distributor.
  12. Please refer to our install manual at https://chamclad.com/resources/installation/ bar code also below.

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ChamClad Cladding - Best Install Practices