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Aisle Containment Panel – Multiwall Polycarbonate

When used in hot aisle or cold aisle containment systems, multiwall polycarbonate offers a number of benefits including energy efficiency, high impact strength, and cost effectiveness.

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When used in hot aisle or cold aisle containment systems, multiwall polycarbonate offers a number of benefits including energy efficiency, high impact strength, and cost effectiveness.

The transparent material allows light to pass through the aisle containment panels, keeping aisles well lit. This makes it easier for data center personnel to see inside the aisle for safety and security. Light weight yet extremely durable, polycarbonate containment aisle panels are easy to install, remove, and reinsert for maintenance and service. Polycarbonate plastic panels also help to reduce the overall weight of an aisle containment system.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ is a containment grade multiwall polycarbonate with good fire behavior characteristics, meeting or exceeding NFPA 75 guidelines and offers industry leading thermal resistance. When used in server farm and data center airflow management, multiwall polycarbonate is an economical alternative to other data center containment panel options.

Pre-assembled containment panels are available. Each panel is built to width and length, matching site requirements for any size of opening. Frames are constructed of anodized aluminum, providing durability for many years of use. Call 765-560-DURA for more information and pricing.

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Product Details

  • Material: LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ multiwall polycarbonate
  • Color: Clear Panels (Other transparent colors available such as softlite or opal)
  • Standard Thicknesses: (Also available in other gauges)
    • 6mm Twin Wall THERMOCLEAR™
    • 8mm Twin Wall THERMOCLEAR™
    • 10mm Twin Wall THERMOCLEAR™
  • R-Value: 1.6 to 1.9
  • Fire Rating: ASTM Class A flame and smoke spread
  • Cut-to-Size: Panels cut to specific lengths and widths
  • Cutting Capabilities: Tight tolerances. Flutes free of dust and debris


  • Aisle Containment Wall Panels:
    • Vertical Containment Panel
    • Cabinet Filler Panel
    • Blanking Panel
    • Expandable Hard Wall Panel
    • Above Cabinet Rigid Panel
    • Floor Mount Rigid Panel
    • Hard Wall Partition Kit
    • Vertical Wall Barrier
    • Overhead Vertical Panel
  • Aisle Containment Door Panels:
    • Single or Double (Dual) Sliding Door
    • Single or Double (Dual) Pivot Door
    • Single or Double (Dual) Swing Door
    • Aisle End Containment Door
  • Aisle Containment Ceiling Panels:
    • Rigid Roof Containment Panel
    • Thermal Drop Ceiling Panel
    • Suspended Overhead Panel

Energy Savings

The cost of energy has been rising steadily. Reducing energy consumption has become one of the biggest priorities of data centers/server rooms. Polycarbonate aisle containment panels can provide substantial savings by efficiently containing temperature zones inside a data center enclosure.

Call 765-560-DURA (3872) today to find out how partnering with Duralight Plastics on your next data center containment project will help you deliver an enclosure solution that meets your customer’s exact requirements.


Technical Information

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