LEXAN™ Greca

LEXAN Greca corrugatedLEXAN™ Greca polycarbonate panels are a cost-effective daylighting solution for a wide variety of applications such as greenhouses, farm buildings, patio coverings, pergolas, and covered walkways. These high-performance corrugated panels offer outstanding physical characteristics such as high light transmission, advanced UV-protection, excellent impact resistance, and an anti-condensate feature.

Virtually unbreakable, these durable yet flexible corrugated panels are constructed of a single layer of polycarbonate with ‘peaks and valleys’ that match most standard metal roofing profiles. LEXAN™ Greca panels are light in weight and easily fabricated on-site, requiring no special tools to install.

Available in a variety of sizes and translucent colors, LEXAN™ Greca corrugated polycarbonate panels will keep nature’s elements out while letting the daylight in!

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