EZ Liner™ PVC Panel

Extremely strong and durable, EZ Liner™ PVC interlocking liner panels are a great choice for cladding the interior walls and ceilings of car wash buildings, cannabis facilities, restaurant kitchens, residential garages, industrial warehouses, and a variety of farm and agricultural structures.

ez liner panel car wash bayHighly resistant to moisture, mold, corrosion, and most chemicals, EZ Liner™ panels are well-suited for the most demanding  environments. The panel’s all weather interlocking system allows for panel expansion and contraction due to temperature change for an always seamless appearance.

The smooth, white surface reflects interior lighting and is easy to keep clean. A pre-slotted nailing flange and a tongue-and-groove design makes both vertical and horizontal installations simple and cost effective. duralight custom quoteIn addition, EZ Liner™ panels are lightweight, easy to handle, and require no special tools or training to install.

Stocked in ultra white, EZ Liner™ is a PVC based polymer product that is manufactured in Canada using 100% virgin lead free material.

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