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Sundance Supply is known for its quality glazing solutions, providing contractors and do-it-yourselfers with building supplies for greenhouses, sunrooms, solariums, swimming pool enclosures, patio covers, skylights, and covered walkways.

Virtually any type of frame (wood, aluminum, steel) can be covered with a multiwall polycarbonate sheet. The only limitation is one’s level of creativity. The Sundance Supply approach combines a high-performance LEXAN™ multiwall polycarbonate covering with an aluminum Base and Cap Installation System. (Customer provides the frame.) Together, this approach provides a watertight, attractive, and long-life structure. Often costing significantly less than a prefab kit that still may require hours of customization.

Duralight Plastics looks forward to continuing Bob Daley’s legacy of servicing the building and construction community with great products at a fair price, expert technical assistance, and a true commitment to customer support from purchase through installation.

Product Info

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate for Greenhouses, Skylights, Sunrooms, and More!

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ multiwall polycarbonate is a high-performance plastic sheet that can be used in a variety of exterior wall and roofing applications. Stocked in clear, opal, bronze, and softlite, today’s multiwall polycarbonate sheets are UV-protected and will not yellow over time, providing a high degree of light transmittance for years. In addition, the sheet’s proprietary anti-condensate feature carries moisture away, eliminating water damage to plants, animal bedding, and furnishings below. Highest quality – Best Warranty!

aluminum base, cap, and trim systemAluminum base and cap profiles are used to connect multiwall polycarbonate sheets together. No gaskets required. The aluminum cap provides a proper seal, even on 5° pitch. Multiwall polycarbonate is resilient. When the aluminum cap is installed snugly, the pressure of the caps ‘legs’ cause the multiwall polycarbonate to give slightly, creating a watertight seal.


Meet the Founder of Sundance Supply

Sundance Supply, Robert A Daley
Robert A. Daley | September 7, 1950 – June 17, 2019

Robert (Bob) A. Daley spent decades assisting architects and builders with the design and construction of greenhouses, sunrooms, skylights, and pool enclosures, as well as many other types of daylighting projects. From a glaziers helper (installing glass storefronts), to general construction, to selling large commercial skylights, Bob was a wealth of industry information and technical expertise.

Sundance Supply was built on the cornerstones of integrity, efficiency, quality, and knowledge sharing. For over 25 years, Bob provided his customers with a premium line of products, detailed online technical information, fair pricing, and prompt service. He believed in operating from a place of integrity and truly cared about the quality of his customer’s installs.

Garden of Forgiveness and Compassion

What you might not have known about Bob was his strong advocacy for societal reconciliation. He believed that together with political and social activism, forgiveness and compassion could inspire broad support towards a shift in consciousness.

The news of the day – environment, politics, social upheaval and regular shootings, are devastating. Areas of heartfelt art encourage healing and inspire goodness in a gentle yet powerful manner. Bob was instrumental in creating what he called ‘Gardens of Forgiveness and Compassion’: sweet and gentle places where folks can take a detour from the norm to ponder the qualities, path, and rewards of forgiveness and compassion.

From the heart of compassion, all great virtues blossom like a bed of roses into a myriad of colors. In remembrance of Bob, please click to listen to “A 1000 Beautiful Things” by Annie Lennox.


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