Colored Acrylic Sheets

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Due to unusually high demand for these plastic sheet products, lead times and material availability may vary.”

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Available in translucent and opaque shades, colored acrylic (plexiglass) sheets are lightweight, durable, impact resistant, and offer many aesthetic qualities. For the handy do-it-yourselfer or creative crafter, acrylic sheets can be glued, laser cut, drilled, engraved, polished, heated and bent at different angles.

Gloss acrylic sheets for decorative shelvingGloss White Acrylic Sheets provide diffused, glare-free light. This colored plastic sheet is ideal for signage and display shelving applications because its high-gloss surface glows brightly when backlit, illuminating evenly.

  • Attractive High-Gloss Finish
  • Ideal for Backlit Applications
  • Uses Include: Presentation Boards, Backlit Shelves, Lit Wall Art

Perfect for solar blocking applications, Bronze Colored Acrylic Sheets have the same characteristics as clear acrylic with the added benefit of a bronze tint. These acrylic plastic sheets can help provide UV-protection and block the harsh, mid-day sunlight, creating comfortable shaded living areas.

  • Reduces Glare & Hot Spots
  • UV Blocking Properties
  • Uses Include: Window Awnings, Entry Door Inserts, Solar Shades

Obscure and frosted acrylic privacy panelsAttractive and aesthetically pleasing, Obscure and Frosted Acrylic Sheets provide an optimal balance between letting light shine through and diffusing the light. Textured acrylic sheets offer privacy and are resilient to fingerprints, smudges, and scratches.

  • Great for Privacy Applications
  • Optimal Light Diffusion
  • Uses Include: Light Panel Covers, Partition Walls, Bathroom Windows, Shower Doors

Duralight Plastics also stocks colored acrylic sheets in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. These transparent plastic colored sheets allow light to pass while adding a beautiful colored tint. Colored acrylic sheets add depth and luminosity at a fraction of the cost of back-painted glass. Perfect for indoor or outdoor arts and craft projects!

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Easy to Cut & Fabricate
  • Uses Include: Recessed Lighting, Backsplashes, Decorative Shelves, Garden Art

Colored Acrylic SheetsProduct Details

  • Colors: Gloss White, Bronze, Obscure, Frost, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
  • Thickness: 0.118 in.
  • Weight (sqft.): 0.69 lbs.
  • Length: 36 in.
  • Width: 24 in.

Colored acrylic panels for privacy panelsColored acrylic sheets are ideal for partition wallsColored acrylic sheets offer creative design optionsApplications

  • Presentation Boards
  • Desktop Protectors
  • Garden Art & Home Décor
  • Door & Window Inserts
  • Partition Privacy Panels
  • Light Panel Covers
  • Backlit Shelves

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