Non-Glare Acrylic Sheets

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Due to unusually high demand for these plastic sheet products, lead times and material availability may vary.”

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Light in weight and easily cut-to-size, non-glare acrylic (plexiglass) sheets minimize unwanted glare and reflections. Non-glare clear acrylic sheets are an excellent alternative to glass for photo, picture, and poster framing. The matte finish on this anti-glare plastic sheet diffuses light and distorts the angle of reflection in many directions, offering unobstructed views from almost any angle. (Note: Due to its matte finish, objects must be placed directly behind or up against the non-glare acrylic sheet to appear clear.) Under typical light conditions, it would be hard to tell the difference between non-glare acrylic and glass in a frame.

  • Reduces Unwanted Glare
  • Impact & Shatter Resistant
  • 10-Times Stronger than Glass
  • Half the Weight of Glass
  • Easily Cut-to-Size

Non-Glare Acrylic SheetsProduct Details

  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 0.050 in.
  • Weight (sqft.): 0.37 lbs.
  • Length & Width:
    • Stock sizes listed above

Non-glare acrylic a perfect option for framing printsNon-glare sheets are a great alternative for framingApplications

  • Picture Framing
  • Home Décor Projects
  • Framed Artwork
  • Awards & Wall Plaques
  • Poster Framing

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