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Hurricane Storm Panel – Hurrigal

This polycarbonate hurricane panel may be purchased with or without hardware. Our window protection kit includes all the necessary mounting hardware required for proper installation. Let the daylight in while protecting glass windows and doors!  

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Product Description

window and door storm protectionLightweight yet extremely durable, clear polycarbonate storm panels allow ample daylight to pass through while effectively protecting windows and doors from hurricane damage. These transparent hurricane shutters have been rigorously tested by independent third parties to be used in extreme wind conditions.

Hurricane Storm Panel without Hardware* | $106.24 plus tax/shipping
1 panel | 4’ x 8’ 16mm 3-Wall Clear Hurrigal Polycarbonate Panel

Hurricane Storm Window Kit with Hardware** | $166.24 plus tax/shipping
1 panel | 4’ x 8’ 16mm 3-Wall Clear Hurrigal Polycarbonate Panel
28 pcs. | 1/4″ PanelMate® Pro or Plus Storm Panel Anchors
28 pcs. | 1/4″ Neoprene Washer (1/16” Thick)
28 pcs. | 1/4″-20 Stainless Steel Wing Nuts

Tests included an impact test which involved shooting a wooden 2×4 at a 16mm 3-wall polycarbonate panel and a cycle test to determine if the multiwall polycarbonate panel could withstand rapid pressure changes. The Hurrigal storm panel has been certified by a third-party quality insurance entity and when installed properly meets high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) applications.

*Failure to use the correct mounting hardware for proper installation is done at the risk of the consumer and may result in non-compliance with certain building codes and regulations.
**Hardware is not sold separately.

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  • hurrigal storm panelColor: Clear
  • Dimensions: 48” x 96” x 0.625”
  • Panel Structure: Hurrigal 16mm Triple-Wall
  • UV Protectant: 1-Sided
  • Light Transmission: 74%
  • U-Value: 42
  • Weight: 0.57 lbs./sq.ft.
  • Fire Rating: Class A/CC1
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited Warranty

Key Features

florida home - hurricane protection

  • Transparent: Lets daylight in while providing hurricane window protection
  • Strong & Durable: High impact-resistant multiwall polycarbonate
  • Hardware Included: Provides quick and easy anchoring of storm panels
  • Easy-To-Install: Simply attach panel shutters w/basic woodworking tools
  • Removable & Reusable: Easily remove and store after the storm season
  • Tested & Certified: Meets Florida HVHZ applications FBC # 28824.1, NAMI certified

Technical Information

A complete list of install components can be found by clicking on ‘All Products’ in the main menu and selecting ‘Install Accessories’. For additional product and technical information, please visit our ‘Resource Hub’.

Clear polycarbonate hurricane storm panels are a great alternative to plywood or metal storm shutters!

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