It is important to use the correct fastener for your specific application. Do not use nails. Fastening with nails will damage the panels. Duralight Plastics recommends using screws for fastening polycarbonate or PVC panels. Screws allow the panels to expand and contract with temperature changes.

Washers should always be used with screws. Washers distribute load to a wider area and help protect the surface of the panel from being damaged.

Screw Installation

Duralight Plastics recommends using at least a ½” non-conductive EPDM bonded washer. (Note: It is okay to use a washer that is larger than a one-half inch.)

Always pre-drill holes before installing polycarbonate or PVC panels. This will allow for panel expansion and contraction due to changes in temperatures. Pre-drilling is important because it prevents cracking around the screw and panel warp.

Duralight Plastics carries a wide assortment of screws to choose from. If you are uncertain about the type of screw to use for your particular application, please call 765.560.3872 or send an email to

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