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Fasteners are a key component of most building projects. Using the right fastener type and size for your specific application is very important. When the wrong fastener is used, both the fastener and the panel may fail.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a fastener including length, color, panel thickness, type of structure, and even the environmental conditions — especially in corrosive or high-moisture environments. Each and every application can be different. Proper fastener selection will help ensure the panel system lasts for years.

Selecting a Fastener:
  • What type of structure am I working with – wood or metal?
  • How long of a screw do I need to securely anchor to the structure?
  • How thick are the panels and does the color of the screw matter?
  • What weather elements will the fasteners be exposed to?
Screw Installation

Never use nails to install polycarbonate or PVC panels. Nails do not allow for the expansion and contraction of panels with seasonal temperature changes. We recommend using screws with at least a 3/4” or greater washer for all polycarbonate applications. Washers distribute load to a wider area and help protect the surface of the panel from being damaged.

Fastener Installation Tips:
  • Pre-drill holes otherwise the panel may warp or crack around the screw.
  • For best sealing quality, use EDPM or neoprene bonded washers.
  • Select a fastener long enough to penetrate at least 1” into the structure.
  • Screw fasteners in straight and do not over-tighten fasteners.
  • Loading requirements determine pattern and frequency of attachment.

The right fastener selection will provide high product performance and prevent unwanted problems later on. Make sure you are using the right fastener for your next project.

Duralight Plastics stocks a variety of commonly used screws to complement its polycarbonate and PVC panels. If you are uncertain about the type of screw to use for your particular application, please call 765.560.3872 or an email to

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