Aluminum Base & Cap System

This aluminum base and cap install system is a dry seal, multiwall polycarbonate glazing system. This versatile system is designed to connect multiwall polycarbonate sheets together, providing a finished, professional look. An ideal system for installing multiwall sheets along the rafters with flush purlins or blocking, arched roofs, or stud walls on metal and wood framed buildings.

Simple and easy to install, this multiwall polycarbonate base and cap system can be used with stud and rafter or purlin and girt framing. The aluminum base easily attaches to roof purlins or wall girts as well as to vertical rafters, trusses, or studs.

Profiles include installation fasteners. This system fits 8mm, 10mm, 16mm & 25mm polycarbonate sheets.duralight custom quote

  • Mill or Anodized Finish Base & Cap Profile (Sold in 4’, 6’, 8’ or 12’ Bundle Packs)
  • Mill or Anodized Finish 8’ U-Profile
  • Mill or Anodized Finish 8’ 90-Degree Corner

Base and cap is also available in 24-foot lengths. Framing and ridge flashing not included.

Easily cover a greenhouse, pool enclosure, large skylight, or metal building frame with this simple and straight forward base and cap multiwall polycarbonate install system. For product pricing, shipping, or any installation questions, call 765-560-3872 (DURA) or send an email to

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