PVC Liner Panels

PVC wall and ceiling liner panels are a cost-effective alternative to traditional drywall or metal panels. These PVC plastic panels are extremely durable and will withstand years of abuse in the most demanding of environments. PVC liner panels offer an impact-resistant surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Light weight in nature, PVC wall and ceiling panels are also easy to handle and install, requiring to special tools or training.

Agrilite™ Corrugated PVC liner panels are strong, rust-proof panels that naturally resist chemicals. Available in a Greca or 9-inch profile, Agrilite™ PVC plastic panels are easy to cut using basic woodworking tools and require to special equipment for installation. Owners of agricultural and industrial buildings regularly choose the virtually indestructible Agrilite™ PVC wall and ceiling panel for its remarkable durability and low maintenance.

TRUSSCORE™ PVC Interlocking liner panels are an ideal choice for the rigorous requirements of car wash bay walls and ceiling coverings. This highly moisture-resistant PVC plastic panel is suited to wet environments and will not support mildew or mold growth. Chemically resistant, TRUSSCORE™ PVC wall and ceiling panels are impervious to most car wash soaps, waxes, and triple foams.

Choosing the right wall covering for you indoor grow room is important. The bright white, reflective surface of the TRUSSCORE™ PVC liner panel will reflect light back to your plants. This reflectivity reaches lower portions of the plant and provides bottom buds with more light energy for optimum growth, increasing the effectiveness of artificial lighting. Increase indoor grow yields with TRUSSCORE™ PVC reflective grow room panels.

TRUSSCORE™ is now available in — Grey! Classic and timeless, the color grey has the ability to subtly transform a home or work space. Grey PVC panels are the perfect ‘neutral’ color for residential, commercial, or industrial wall and ceiling applications.

PVC Corrugated and Interlocking Liner Panels are ideal for interior wall and ceiling panel applications including:

  • Fertilizer Storage
  • Factories
  • Marinas
  • Public Bathrooms
  • Restaurant Kitchens
  • Garages / Workshops
  • Schools
  • Laundromats
  • Car / Truck Washes
  • Equipment Wash Bays
  • Indoor Grow Rooms
  • Cannabis Facilities
Carwash Trusscore PVC Panel
Restaurant Trusscore PVC Panel

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