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Protection from the Unpredictable

“Thinking About Covering Your Pergola?”

There’s nothing better than being able to enjoy your backyard when you want to, rain or shine. But that’s not always possible if your outdoor hangout isn’t protected from the elements.

If you live in the Midwest, you know how unsettled the weather can be. One minute it’s 75 degrees and sunny, and the next it’s downpouring. This unpredictability is why Steve, a Wisconsin resident, decided to put a cover over his backyard pergola.  

Uncertain of what roofing panels would work best for his needs, Steve researched several pergola cover options. He knew he wanted a panel that was clear, so it wasn’t overly noticeable from below. It was also important that the panel was light in weight for ease of install, yet strong enough to handle heavy, wet snow loads. 

With these product features in mind, Steve chose our 16mm LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ clear 2UV polycarbonate panels to cover his pergola. This high-performance multiwall panel has a triple-wall structure, offering more rigidity and strength than a standard double-wall panel.

Next came the decision on which install accessories to use. Available in two finishes, Steve chose to use our aluminum profiles in a mill finishbecause he liked the way they completed the look of his pergola. This aluminum base and cap system offers additional support for the polycarbonate panels, which was a nice bonus.

When we asked Steve if he had any install tips to share after completing his project, he emphasized installing the roofing panels with the recommended pitch. The correct pitch ensures any condensation that builds up inside the panel’s flutes can drain out properly and helps keep debris or leaves from piling up.

Before installing his pergola roof cover, Steve’s deck would get so hot in the summer that it would hurt your feet to walk on. Now, because the polycarbonate panels provide UV-blocking protection, the deck surface stays cooler, and this beautiful outdoor space can be enjoyed for much longer.  

Not only does Steve’s pergola cover look great, but it also keeps his outdoor furniture from fading so fast in the sun. When asked if he would do anything differently, Steve said he wished he would have installed the polycarbonate roofing panels sooner.

polycarbonate pergola roof
polycarbonate pergola roof
polycarbonate pergola roof
polycarbonate pergola roof