Residential Deck Cover

Polycarbonate Deck Cover Offers Many Benefits

Located above the shores of Flathead Lake in Montana, this cozy cabin offers spectacular views of the lake and surrounding mountains from practically anywhere on the large wraparound deck. Needless to say, the owners spend a lot of time relaxing, eating, and entertaining in this outdoor space.

Unfortunately, throw in a little rain or too much heat from the sun, and this wonderful outdoor living space was either too wet, too hot, or too bright to enjoy. The solution: Cover the deck with a roof to provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain, extending its usability.

The solution: Cover the deck with a roof to provide shade from the sun adn shelter from the rain, extending it’s usability.

Corrugated polycarbonate is an ideal roofing material for this type of application. In addition to being incredibly strong and durable, these versatile panels are light in weight, extremely flexible, very impact resistant, and offer a high degree of light transmittance.

For their deck covering, the owners of this Flathead Lake cabin chose LEXAN™ Greca bronze corrugated panels. This square-wave polycarbonate panel is thicker, has good rigidity qualities, and resists wind damage better than some other like profiles.

Bronze polycarbonate panels are a great option for excessively bright sun spaces. The translucency of the bronze polycarbonate lets plenty of pleasing light pass through, while the ‘bronze tint’ decreases the intensity of the sun’s rays. The color helps to minimize solar heat gain in the summer months, keeping spaces cooler and more comfortable.

The UV protection on the panel’s outer surface blocks harmful ultraviolet rays. This shielding property provides skin protection as well as reduces solar damage to outdoor furnishings. It also prevents unnecessary damage to the wood or composite materials of the deck.

Virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate deck covers provide long-lasting beauty and functionality. LEXAN™ Greca corrugated panels will retain their high-performance characteristics even after prolonged outdoor exposure — these roof panels will last for years!

The Flathead Lake cabin owners absolutely love their new deck cover. They’ve received many compliments from friends and family. “What a beautiful space that it creates in such a beautiful location.”

Want to spend more time enjoying your deck? Cover it with a polycarbonate roof, and you too will have an outdoor living space that you can use no matter what the weather is doing – rain or shine!